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Quiz – just a few from the quiz in Lights! Camera! Gallop!

Which famous director directed the classic film The Black Stallion?

In which Western does a dog ride a horse?

Who sings “I want to shower you with sugar lumps”?

Did you get the answers right? The film trivia quiz in Lights! Camera! Gallop! has all the answers and many more. Great fun and packed with useful facts for pub and party quizzes.

There’s a also sample quiz on Goodreads.


For those of you who like Westerns (or just Charles Bronson…), there’s a great horse quote from Once Upon a Time in the West: Three menacing men have come to meet Charles Bronson’s character from the train. Noticing that they have only brought three horses, he says: “You brought two too many…”

‘A good horse is never a bad color’ Unknown. Also title of a great book by Mark Rashid

“I have two acting styles – with or without a horse”  – Robert Mitchum

“Bring on the empty horses”  – Michael Curtiz

“Neigh! Honk! Honk! Bam!”  – The Horse Whisperer

“Marry me and I’ll never look at another horse”  – WC Fields

You can read many more quotes – funny ones, sad ones, ones that really make you think – in Lights! Camera! Gallop! The Story of the Horse in Film

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