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Snippet: “Fax” is old Nordic for “mane”. Suddenly, the name “Shadowfax” (Gandalf’s intelligent, wise, white horse in “Lord of the Rings” makes more sense!

Lord of The Rings: Two Towers

Books going on tour – with price drops!

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Colouring-In (Coloring-in in the USA): a publishing sensation – have you tried it?

Colouring-in books are still trending. Colouring-in can help reduce stress and anxiety because the activity keeps the brain ticking over but at a relaxing level.

People have coloured in horses for some 25,000 years. The Coloring Book of Horses provides two sorts of colouring-in: with patterns or with the 50 plus actual horse colour combinations.





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Great but definitely out of the ordinary film, now on DVD, Blue Ray etc

An exciting but unusual film is Of Horses and Men. The horses in question are Icelandic and the opening scene shows off their unusual – and fast -gait. The men are the men who look after the horses and need them for their daily work. But there’s a great story too. Oh yes, and some great scenery. I promise you will soon forget that it’s in Icelandic (mostly. Some English. And with English subtitles.)

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