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Wayland’s Revenge

Historical fiction with mystery, thrills and romance. English civil war, religious strife, a serial killer, real heroes , witch hunters and their victims. Characters so real and scenes so well described it was if you were watching everything unfold. Well told story with focus on real historical details and not on excess sex or gore. I look forward to reading this author’s next book. Thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for making this book available to me.

By Jane Ward (source: Netgalley)

Lights! Camera! Gallop! The Story of the Horse in Film

“If you like horses, old movies and how film developed into our modern movies of today, here is a great little book for you! Easy to read, to understand and to enjoy, “Lights! Camera! Gallop!” is for you. There is so much informatin stuffed into this book of small size but large stature its amazing. The amount of research involved must have been prodigious indeed. I loved how the whole structure of the book is not just horses in the movies but the underlying reasoning behind the scenes and scenery used to create a feeling and to develop the storyline. Lesley has gotten deep into many unknowns to me, facts about the horses and the actors themselves. …”
Susannah St Clair,  

“Ms Lodge clearly knows her stuff! This is a superbly crafted book – clearly written by a great ‘writer’. Her style is easy, inclusive and accessible to all ages. I would recommend this as a thoroughly good read to anyone interested in the history of film, the history of horses in film – or anyone who simply loves horses.”
Dr L Dunne, Amazon

“If you’ve ever wondered how a director managed to get a horse to perform in a certain way, or indeed, how many steeds were engaged to play one role, then this is the book for you. Tracing cinematic history from the silent movies to the present day, and including television programmes, Lights! Camera! Gallop! covers topics ranging from horse make-up to horses that make you laugh… Plus there’s an entertaining quiz and some amusing horsey quotes.”
Anne Coates, Amazon

I bought this book for my visiting granddaughter that loves horses and found myself enjoying it so much I read it end to end before letting her have my reader. Does that make me a bad grand? I love movies and have been hooked on TV since I was a kid. While I recognized almost everyone (horse movie/TV star) in the book I had no idea how much I didn’t know about them. Each bit was a delightful surprise treasure. I was transported back to many wonderful memories as films and TV series I hadn’t thought of in years were discussed.Not to say it was all about the distant past. This is a well-rounded book on horses in film. I learned a lot about how CGI is used – and not used in current movies. As a movie buff of many years I have always enjoyed catching glitches in movies. There is a whole section dedicated to all type of glitches. She also gives you the sites, and how to search them for detail in-depth information on glitches. It is clear the author is much more than just a lover of horses in the movies. She obviously has spent many years around horses because she knows them very well.


Horse and Pony Colours: Which one would you choose?

“I grew up in the farming communities of central California where horses were a part of life’s traditions. My grandfather could be trusted to drive with both hands because he never got comfortable with cars but could literally make a rope sing while spinning lassos and loops. Yet, with all of that I really didn’t know half of what I learned in this book about the fascinating world of the colors (colours) on horses. I have never thought about how a horses color has such impact. Not only do different breeds with their physical characteristics and personality traits have specific colors. the impact of those colors on their owners and people seeing the horse is quite dramatic. The author, Lesley Lodge, has an excellent understand of the surprising intertwining’s of colors in horses and their significance. She writes in a clean straight forward manner using details and examples from everyone’s common experiences to make the information real and relevant…. This has to be the best book on learning how to identify a horse by its color I have ever seen on horses (yes, I have seen other horse books – remember I grew up around horses)”
Sandy, Amazon

Because it is Written

“… a gripping and evocative piece, a tantalizing extension of the known historical story. It’s an area – the personal repercussions of tragedy during the witch-hunt of the mid-17th century – that a historian like me often wonders about but has no documentary sources to describe… The detail is impressive and the period atmosphere feels just about right”.
Malcolm Gaskill (Professor of Early Modern History), 

Night Mission: 7 World War II Era Stories

“The war time stories show the reality of the confusion of the times even for those who were active, even participating observers…”

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