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These books are available in paperback and kindle: Lights! Camera! Gallop! The story of the Horse in Film and Because it is Written : Two short stories of Revenge and Redemption

The Coloring Book of Horses offers two sorts of coloring in: Coloring-in with patterns and without. Paperback.

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Horse and Pony Colours: Which would you choose? is available from: here. And Night Mission: Seven World War Era Stories By Clive Lodge from: here

You don’t need an actual kindle, of course, to read kindle books – you can read them on your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Mac or PC. All you need to do is download the free kindle app – available with one click from Amazon. There’s even a free app for reading kindle books on your PC which you can download here.

Prices: Right now, the kindle version of Lights! Camera! Gallop! is only £2.49 from Amazon and the paperback (more expensive due to printing costs of the coloured illustrations) is down to around £13 in paperback. But the newly published Black & White Version is only £5.99. Also available from the US Amazon (.com), priced in $.

Audio: Night Mission is available as an audiobook on Audible or Amazon.

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